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This page should answer just about any question you have regarding services. If you cannot find you question answered here, contact us.

How to contact us?  Top

Chaussee de Wavre 1289
Phone: +3224782055
Fax: +3226727237

I don't have a shopoping cart. Can I use this service instead?  Top

Yes! This service is designed to help you sell your goods online without paying for, maintaining and supporting shopping cart solutions. You just need to place "Add to Cart" link to each item you want to sell. Our HTML Wizard will help you to automatically generate those link, moreover it can generate a corresponding button.

Who can use this service?  Top

Everyone! Everyone who wants to sell his goods online. If you have a web site representing some services or goods and you are not yet doing business online, then our service is for you. Register an accont and add a link which will bring a success for you. It is FREE and it is worth trying.

If I don't have a website can I register an account?  Top

Yes. You can contact us and we will provide you with additional information on how to register a domain, create site content and start selling your goods or services. 

What languages does this service support?  Top

Currently we support only English. The French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Russian editions are being developed. 

What can be sold using this service?  Top

It is up to you. We do not care what you sell, we only help you to add shopping cart functionality, track orders and accept online payments. We do not, however, accept "adult" or racist material or any unlawful activities including spam email.

How can I use this service to make profit?  Top

Currently, people on the Internet can only browse your site. They can only view the goods you offer and, possibly, contact you by phone or email to place an order. What should they do if nobody is answering phone at the moment or email can not be send? They leave your site and go somewhere else. With our help people will buy your goods or services on the spot with just a click. You can use our services for free and sell your goods with our help at any time from anywhere. That is how we help your site to make a profit. 

Why do I need to pay $5 a month for ProAccount?  Top

ProAccount gives you additional powerful possibilities, which cost much more otherwise.

  • Credit card payment lets you set up payments through external credit card authorization system.
  • Download orders in HTML or CSV format to your local computer for printing or for export into spreadsheet application or database.
  • Upload and manage product list gives you an ability to simplify HTML code for "Add to cart" link or button.
  • Statistics management lets you gather statistics for product visits, order submissions, review page visits and order submissions reports.
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