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This account is completely free.

There are no setup fees or any other hidden costs.

This service is free not only moneywise, it also gives you your free choice of other services needed to develop your enterprise.

Unlike some other free services you are not bound to our site through the hosting of your site, use of any particular Merchant accounts or Payment processing gateways.

There is no limitation on the number of products you want to sell or the number of transactions on your site.

How to use our services

To use our services you first need to have a Website displaying your goods or services you want to sell. It does not matter where your site is hosted or how many pages it contains.

Generally speaking the main thing you need to make your site a merchant site selling your goods is to add a "Buy now" ("Add to cart" or any other name of your choice) to the pages of your Website. Whenever your customer clicks on this button he is brought to the main Shopping Cart page showing him what he is ordering. He can change the quantity, delete the order, return to the site to continue shopping or proceed to the payment pages. When a customer placed an order you are automatically notified about the order and its details by e-mail.

With your free account you can accept different payment options: check, cash on delivery, money order or any other you choose. However you cannot accept the online Credit Card payments. To be able to do this you first need a Merchant bank account and a Payment processor (see: Credit card payments) and in order to incorporate the Payment processor into your Cart you have to subscribe to our ProAccount at a cost of EUR 5.00 ($5) per month. See details at ProAccount page. For more setup information see How to Set up account? section. You might also want to visit our Demo store to have an idea what it looks like.

How to proceed

To set up your cart and have it running follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Register your shop. It is FREE! Fill the form and submit it. You will be immediately assigned your User name ID (key) and a Password (you will receive a confirmation by e-mail) and your store is available immediately.

Step 2. Customize your cart. You can customize the look of your cart page to fit your site, set up your payment options, taxes, discounts, shipping cost calculations, geographfic zones etc. For explanations concerning the order calculations see the Order calculation rules in the HELP section and the Cart setup section.

Step 3.
Create the "Add to cart" button. This button which allows your customer to add an item to the cart can be created as an HTML button or as a link (a Wizard will do it for you).For more explanations see How to Generate HTML code? and the Cart setup section.

Step 4. Copy and paste the generated code into your site and start selling.

You can set up your cart to your liking right away. Join up, it is FREE:


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